Fan  guards

We manufacture lots of different touch and fan guards.
All are suited for specified customers and all rights for these guards are reserved the buyer.
It is a big advantage if we shall be contacted early in the construction phase. Hereby our experiences can be valuable to eliminate unnecessery costs and avoid "impossible" solutions.
A perfect construction can also include an integrated montage of motors etc.
We manufacture touch guards in all shapes. Fan guards in diameters up to 2200 mm:s.
Materials can be normal steel and stainless steel.
All kinds of surface treatment will be effectuated.
All requiered tools are to be made by ourself.

Other products and services.

Frames and screens.
Tig/mig/mag welding max. 350 amps.
Resistance welding up to 125 kva.
Power press machines.
Multi bending machines for wire and stripes max length 275 mm (if round mtrl 3 mm steel).

Call us for more details or send us a drawing or sketch to let us give you our offer.

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